My unique program automates the curb ramp design process, saving hours of tedious hand calcuations

Customize your curb ramp design to meet your agency's standards

Meet the federal design guidelines set forth per the United States Access Board's Proposed Rights-of-Way Guidelines 



About Me

I am a registered Civil Engineer in the State of California who has been designing ADA compliant curb ramps for my entire career.  My journey started when I was tasked with measuring hundreds of existing curb ramps in the field and finding that 90% of them are non-compliant.  The next step was to redesign the ramps to ensure they comply with federal guidelines.  After experiencing the painstaking process of making dozens of calculations for a single ramp, I thought there needed to be a way to automate the process.  That is how this calculator came to be.


The Problem

In order to ensure a curb ramp will meet ADA compliance, engineering plans must show detailed lengths, widths, slopes, and elevations will work before a ramp can be constructed.  Many agencies do not design their curb ramps to sufficient detail, only to find that in the field it is impossible to comply with ADA.  They end up having to reconstruct on the fly and end up with a poor final product


The Solution

Agencies are left with only one choice:  to design curb ramps in the office before going out to construction.  This is a tedious process that can take many hours of staff time.  And if one small part of your design changes, you have to start all over again!  When the design process is automated, headaches are avoided and countless hours can be saved.


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